Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Week 4 and counting down!

Okej, so what did I do this week?

I e-mailed Ash and Samir to double-check if they are still on and will help me out with animation, they haven't reply so I think that they maybe don't check their rave e-mail that often and will write to them on facebook as well. Patrick had misunderstood and not checked the blog so he started modeling the Doctor, but Jessica already did that so I asked him to check his mail again as the 3D model and the color-scheme and everything was sent to him earlier on. I sent the mp3 and the script to Mike Hirsch so that his daugher and son can play around with it at home and record - would be really good if it worked cos then I gat Sophie's voice for the start of the film right there! So thanks for that Mike H! :)

I messed up jessica's bathtub with black water color as I have done lots of test for the character "The Shadow". I liked the result but think I want to do it again as there is a reflection from the lamp in the bathroom that we couldn't get rid of. I have tried to get that test up on this blog for HOURS!! And in 4 differnt small sizes but no...fuckin hell, will try again cos I think it looks cool

I painted more ugly houses for Aminata's backgrounds and here are some watercolor textures for her film, I have a bout 32 more to paint...

I have re isntalled Maya about 4 times but no, it doesnt seem to want to work on my copmuter and it is stressing me out cios I really need it and have been struggling with it for months. If worse comes to worse then I will have to do the texturing in college. I am missing concept for the dead world and I am also missing test for the dead world but I can't be bothered asking for it any more so I will do it on my own with help of After Effects and maya.

I did ugly concept for Bobo's blendshapes and we discussed how he should be Animated and how he can be more expressive at the last meeting. Josie and I did and put up the new schedule and I put some backgrounds I painted up on the group blog and is waiting for some fedback, will make more art work during the weekend.

I found this art work online and I love it - it goes together with the creatures Raphael had come up with for the Deadworld. Would be nice to adapt the idea of using akvarell and pens to it so the creature could be 3d but textured 2d and have a 2d effect. Raphael is working on it.

Have done some texts with the Shadow using Corel Paint and Final Cut Pro- I don't really like the look I get with Corel Paint though and would rather just 2D animate it and draw it and paint it for real instead of digitally. Played around a bit and last night I did some tests in Jessica's bathtub. Will post the film here later on, just need to make it smaller first. Showed it for the group today anyway and they all liked it so thats good. I like it. Still think I want to add something to it. Messy charcoal maybe.

Had a meeting with the group today and Mike joined in and gave us an ultimatum. 2 weeks.

Aminata seem to have liked the new backgrounds, I told her that if she wants changes or more then she should just let me know and I'll do it. I think its really fun :) She wanted some more really ugly houses with boring ugly colors s I will do that tonite.

Beautiful animated films:

and i gat this one from Aminata,

Peace n Luv and I am out.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Week 3 - fed up with college

Playing around with the Shadow Character and how he should appear. I wanna do some test with 2D animation and After Effects this week so that we can decide how this character should look and be animated - I want him very 2D and organic and probably more as bleeding ink.

Some of the Backgrounds I drawn for Aminata - to put on layers for more depth - 2 Aminata

I feel like I am getting fucked on my final year and it is not a nice feeling. Should I skip this year and come back next year and re do it? Would I actually come back? I worked really hard these years - I think I deserve to work out with a showreel.

I have a group meeting tomorrow and I will try n speed things up n try to get everything moving forward but I am seriously tired of it and don't want what I had last term, stress and worries. Will have a meeting with Mike tomorrow as well so that's good. Cos I am probably a bad producer as well as we are such a big group but always is behind, will try and change that.

Work that has to be done for my FILM;

- more concept for the shadow character
- test 2D animation and AE animation for the shadow character
- model and rig the girl model
- texture and rig the Dr character
- rig the Mother and the Bobo Character
- Blendshapes for Bobo, the girl and the mother
- changes to the animtic ( that i gave everyone during x-mas but no one gave a shit about )
- sound effects and music
- the girls voice
- finalyse and create the dead world environment

Work for Jess FILM:

- Owls portrait color and texture tests
- maybe paint the backgrounds ( wait for more info )

Work for Aminatas FILM:

- Paris backgrounds in layers

Well time to stop the holiday blues i guess and get back to work!

Found this Blog online from another animation student who is doing more art oriented animation, really nice style and animation.

peace n luv,

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Week 2 - back to reality!

Bird nr 11 color test for Jess

To make the textures fit in really nice I would need much more time, so this is just a test and not the final ones. I like soem of the hair though.

Bird nr 4 color n texture test for Jessica

Thursday and I have been thinking about if I should jump off this course and take a one year break, but I am not sure if I would come back and a BA is good to have - but not if I don't have a portfolio or any good grades? So, hmm, lot's of stuff on my mind right now. Will talk to Mike on Tuesday. Painted some Buildings for Aminata in that style that she liked, sent her different buildings in different colors as a pdf so that she can use the ones she like, put them in different layers the way she want etc. Jessica liked and picked some owl's so I will make texture and color tests for the ones that she choose and present it on Monday.

Need backgrounds for the dead world. We still don't have any concept or any tests but I hope I will get some on the next group meeting, meanwhile I am playing around with watercolors as I want the sky to be made out of watercolors but maybe be slightly animated in after effects and be in layers. Will make tests when I have time.

I am really unmotivated. Came back after 5 weeks n nothing has changed.

During the X-mas I had promised to sketch on Owl's that Jessica can use as family photographs on the walls in her film - and here they are but I still feel that they look like chickens and that I have problems drawings owl's.

Talked to Aminata the other day and she actually likes my Paris background but want the buildings to have more the typical Paris style ( that I find it hard to draw ) but I am really surprised and glad she liked my silly ugly style so offcourse I have to do it! Will get into it this week. Now internet is working again in my house so that's good!

Otherwise? I feel a bit unmotivated, might be cos I just came home from paradise and is in a rainy grey shit hole where people wear expansive brands n look very unhappy - but it might also be that I feel a bit lost on my course, I love the fact my film is in the making but..I don't know, I am not a animator, not a rigger, not a what am I doing at Ravensbourne?

I know that I have to be more direct when I produce, I think load and is wanting other peoples opinions all the time when I should actually just know and just go for it, so I need to improve that this term.

peace n luv,