Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Week 11

Spent Monday and today going mental in college, I have deleted everything but two files now from my college folder- still I cannot work or save..so I spent two days working while maya just crashes crashes crashes and crashes and my work disappear over and over again. Hate working in college. I can borrow Jessicas lap top so maybe I drop by her place tomorrow cos in college i cant do shit. Made a new bird for Jessica. Is copying After Effects tutorial from friend so I am learning AE slowly. When it comes to the compositing of the deadworld, will work on that tonite but I am still so f upset about wasting 2 days trying to work in college, will go to Sweden and get my lap top next week- then i dont have to work with fucked up college computers n systems anymore and wast tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

Anyway, did more bird portraits for jess, cant really say I am proud about them, but this is what i can do in a couple of hours, there is just so much to do.

Wednesday: Jess said that I could come to her house and work on one of her computers so I did and halleluja, finally I could scale the hospital room and I think this time the re-texturing of it might have solved the old texture problem ( atleast i hope so), so now I could finally import Josie's and Jess models and change more details. I forgat to take pictures so I will do that next time I have maya, i have changed the room a lot form Josi'e original design, changed the warddrobe, the bed, added a window and curtains and details on her bedside table etc etc. Will e-mail ross now and check if he is in on Tuesday or if he gat skype so i can pass him the room for lighting. I can't finish the blockout yet cos I noticed more changes to it, like why is the Dr leaving the room and the mother who just lost her only child? What an ass! He should go up to her and try to comfort her instead so we will have to change that. Scaled and fixed the hospital room, added lots of changes from the original concept from Josie- a window, changed the design of the wardrobe, added a window on the door, curtains, a plant, drawings etc.

Monday, 10 March 2008

week 10 - Easter break!

Monday: Easter break.
Asked Josie to make the same kind of list fro the block out scenes that she did and divided the blockout into more scenes, it was 4 from the beginning, now its 7. Hope it will give us a better over view and make sure everyone knows exactly what to do and what camera to use. We still have A LOT to do. I want to focus on the dead world environment now but there's a lot of work to do and I don't know how to get time to focus completely in one thing, I will do more change sin the blockout tomorrow cos the films I did today are impossible to upload on the blog.

Bobo is not done - Ben has called me many times and I always say the same thing- e-mail me the concept so I can say yes or no, nothing has happened so far, I will wait until tomorrow.
E-mailed Caspar about the train today + posted info on the group blog as I want that train very very soon now, it has been a term so it should be finished soon. Josie will texture the Dr, I posted a request to her and Raphael yesterday.

Tuesday: A bit grumpy today, hate repeating myself, have texted Raphael as I miss his work from last week and everyone should know by now that every week they are supposed to give their work, on a meeting or on the blog or via mail, and how many fuckin times have I told everyone to read the blog?? Should I get an electric chock gun to get my message through?
Anyway, texted Ben and e-mailed Caspar, I need the train and Bobo NOW. Will go to college now and do some more changes in the blockout and mail Josie to see if she has done her changes.

Wednesday: Blockout: Gat it down almost a minute, still needs work and minor changes here and there. Trying to upload it on the group Blog and is rendering out scenes for compositing reasons.

Thursday: Portfolio work. Illustrating stuff for my portfolio.

Friday: Finaly gat the blockout up on the blog and Emmet our soundguy is informed and can look for more music and sound.
Will do changes next week as my Premier doesn't work so I have to do it in college. Put in credits and the sounds we have so far and etc and update the camera/animation lists with all the changes. No train from Caspar yet, have e-mailed him again about it.

Saturday: To Jessica, send u the rest on skype;

some of the different birds I am working on for the portrait wall in Jessica's film.

piiis out,