Sunday, 30 December 2007

X-Mas Holiday work

Yesterday I went jungle trecking on elephants but the coolest thing was feeding the elephants and then swiming with them! Really fun! Less fun is having to work on a holiday in paradise - but I am working. This is the first draft of the hospital room and I just posted these images and info about changes I have done, what else I will add etc on the group Blog. I will build the heart rate monitor and the drip stand and fix some details this week pararlle work with the trainstation as I also started . I have also e-mailed everyone in my group as only Josie and I have posted our developing work so far and we decided before x-Mas that everyone should- so..that makes me a bit worried. I asked Kaspar to post his train work as well and gave him the log in details so I hope stuff will pop up soon. Jessica e-mailed the the model of the Dr weeks ago already! And it looked really good.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

I don't know what week it is! And I don't care!! :)

Here is some images for Jono and his film straight out of Cambodia and Ankor Wat. We gat 400 pictures or more so we do have lot that I can show you when I am back in UK- I will just put up some stuff here. Ankor Wat has about 200 temples, some are hindu temples and some temples are buddhist temples so the ones with Ganesha ( the elephant) etch, more indian style - are hindu temples. I can write more about it later on, I am in a expensive internet cafe right now and wanna get back to the beach :)

peace n luv,

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Week 10 and I am off!!

One and a half day in Bangkok, the city took me by surprise, much more laidback then I thought it would be, a lot of polution and tuk tuk's which are extremly fun and cheap to go around with! I can only upload low resolution pics now so they are a bit shit, when I get more time I will sit down and do it properly - I have filmed a lot as well! :) u can hardly see it but behind that tree is our bungalow - we live at "Porn Bungalows" haha. They have the nicest food I have had so far - for 80 Bat u get an amasing Thai meal...let me explain..100 pounds is like 10 000 the food is very very cheap :) our beach in Koh Chang well well, fought that i could breath out now but appearantly not, just gat an mail from Mike and my submission cd's did not work so I have asked jessica for help to hand them in again as I did shit loads of work, I have e-mailed her again today so hopefully she gets back to me or I will have to call my housemates. Now Im gonna go and have some amasing green curry though! peace n luv asa