Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Week 19 - trying to animate..

Well, I am not really an animator so what I am doing now is trying to animate and it looks quite shit so this week is dedicated to changes and tweaking and being stubborn - after this week, fuck it, the animation will be what it is but I am trying to sort it out, to start with,

The green monster farting - had to re do this animation and the brush monster from scratch - atleast AE renders the file now but the animation needs work, the only interesting part of this scene is these few seconds where he is farting - the entire scene is actually 10-15 sec longer but it wasn't very fun watching him sitting and eating in a bathtub so i have to make something more with it so I think I am going to make him Smeagol from Lord of the rings and give him a precious plastic duck that he can play a bit with in the bath tub, just to try to make it more interesting cos there's not much happening right now as I don't want to take on to much animation as I am not a strong animator. I have found the Puppet Pin Tool though and is doesn't work for everything but it is a brilliant tool in After Effects that I love!

Here is the new Horn Monster animation and after it is the old, i have animated the arms completely differently and on the new one the head is animated as well- but i hardly see any difference and almost like the old one more..

problems with the uploading of the films - soooon - i hope.. )

Testing how the shower room should look like - i will go for the new blue and purple one but will change the background to orange cos now it has the same color as the postcard. I want to use the receptionist as well but i don't know where to stick her in cos i want to keep the card quite graphic and not to messy.

I am not happy, will sort out the perspective on this one so that its shot more straight on. Need to ask Alex about maya, when i came up with the monster spa idea like a year ago i did a quick test with 2d in 3d in maya 7 - it looked great- so what am i doing wrong now when it looks shit? anyway- i have already done most of the environments in 2D but it would be more fun with my original idea and would save me animation work. Oh yes, the blue monsters eyes decided to change anchor point eventhough the layer is locked so - no, the eyes should not float around like that and etc - this is just a test to see what shower environment i should go for.

Gave the green monster a ugly bird, was thinking that he could eat it for a while but I don't want to get stuck doing to much animation, anyway - i don't like this, its more fun when he just sits in the bath tub and looks stupid, atleast I tried.

I am trying to get the shampo monster right, lots of tweaking to get the outlines right as i have cheated with the animation and used the puppet pin tool - i have done lots of changes, tried to have him feeling the beat with his feet but it was to much and just gat messy but i changed him and made him start of with a closed mouth.

As this is not a film but more a showreel and its short, gat cut down from 40 sec to 22 now - I need something more to put in there so I want to put in two of my favorite characters, Super intendent Claude and his dog and The Mad painter and have Claude driving fast in his car as he is answering to a call - he comes to the crime scene and there is the mad painter, caught in action. I started doing all the cut out parts, trying to do parts so that the dog nervously can turn his head in the car as well and look at the driver and the road constantly but I am really bad at perspective drawing but I am trying.

and here is the car ( if i don't change my mind) - I am not sure about the backseats though, looks better without them I think.

I tried to record the shower sound and did the brush sound with a ( NEW straight from ikea ok? ) toilet brush but I live on a high street now + the heater for the shower sounds like a nuclear projector so..it didn't work. Will try and brush with a real bathroom brush and brush furry fabric - OR - save my self the hassle and look for sound effects online.

trying to animate haha..

Asked Aminata about something she told me about long time ago, that there is a plug in for After Effects that helps u animate to sound, that easily helps to key your objects to a certain part of the music that u have chosen, she gave me this link and here's a good tutorial so I am gonna see if that can help my monsters to move with the music:


When I finally gat her hands to work alright and gat started with the left side- all the LOCKED right hand layers have chosen to change their anchor point..so about 85 hands are now floating about that took me hours and hours to set up. So, I have to re do it again..

Anyway, finished it now and animated her hair - can't render it, same fault as always, makes me a bit nervous, there is no time for me to re do all this animation. I will go in and see Alex next week, he knows about this problem.

peace n luv,

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