Monday, 19 May 2008

Week 20 - getting all the monster scenes done

aaaargh, she was going to be the easiest monster to animate haha, but NO, I will try and sort this out, slow it down a bit, make it smoother later - but there is so much stuff i want to stick into my reel - and ITS NOT ANIMATION - so I don't want to spend to much time on it, I am having lots of fun though :) Unfortunately the plug in for soundkeys didn't work- it doesn't install properly, will ask Aminata if she knows some tricks.

I have developed my idea quite a lot - but I don't know if I am being realistic and actually can do it in time- but I am really trying to. Started my intro sequence yesterday , I LOVE after effects!! Trying to animate a bee now, I wish there was a shake effect so that I didn't have to go in and key every frame cos the be should move up and down as well as forward.

Well, I am getting back to work.

Started animating the Smoking Monster - he is really really boring but I do want him to be arrogant and just smoke so I changed the rest of the scene instead of him and added the Dog Monster that will stand by his side and be afraid of getting in the water, started animating him,

Would be fun to add a fat little Monster jumping up and down on a trampoline and make the Dog Monster + the Smoking Monster cue for it - but I don't know if I am realistic and can do that in time - we'll see, still have problems drawing the shower corridor and the pool room as my perspective drawing is really bad. And none of the Monsters animation looks really good so maybe I should focus on shaping it up - BUT - why? I have tried for hours and days, I AM NOT AN ANIMATOR.

Hmm,for some weird reason Blogger doesn't want to show my films anymore... weird, hope that its just temporarily )

Today its friday, went in to college yesterday and did absolutely nothing- I can't work in there, prefer to work at home. I have realized that I have to change the Spa scene completely, the pool that I planned to had look really bad and i have tried 3 other designs but it doesn't look good so I finally decided to go google and find what I was looking for;

Tried to draw it yesterday but messed up the lines several times so I will have to re do it today. I want to try and make a nice tile texture for the pool as well. The octopuss, the Dog Monster and Smoky did not fit together - my housemates really like the octopuss monster but I don't - I have decided to slaughter all of them and stick the Sleepy Monster in and make a better octopuss. I want it done this weekend. Or I NEED it done this weekend.

Now I am fixing ( hopefully for the better ha ha) the massage scene - you could hardly see that the monster that is being massaged is breathing so I need to over exaggerate it more and her arms, shoulder, body and head as well. Thinking about having a monster moving the curtain and looking in - will see if I have the time.

I didn't explain my new idea... but I can show it very ruff here - in my title sequence there's a fly/bee, we will follow it to a coffee shop and circulate around the tables and peoples food until we come to the girl with the glasses who is reading a magazine that has an image that brings us to the monster world. Thats my idea - but I am finishing the Monsters Spa first to see if I have the time- I really want to do it though as I want to show something that feels like me and that I think represents me. And I will do as Jared said and stick in some 3D environments, he is right- I don't think it is very fun with 3D but I should show that I can do it. I will do that this summer though, I have some old environments but I feel that I have developed a lot and rather would fix them up or do something new. Anyway, I did some of the cafe characters last week;

need to give him separate forks and pieces of food so that he can eat properly, you'll never see his mouth - only his mustache moving cos I didn't like him when I gave him a mouth.

I took a look at Tripplettes de Belleville and all the backgrounds, props etc are very nicely textured with watercolors etc but the characters are actually in solid colors- so I want to do the same thing and make the environment and props in watercolors.

I am happy with the hat shop - but the cafe could be nicer. Need to make the back street that you would see through the tunnel as well. But first- the Monsters!

I am going insane, trying to design the spa and the shower rooms and the corridor- it has to fit with the other designs and the postcard - a 4 window postcard would be the nicest but do i have time to do a forth window? this is just ruff- the showeers and the receptions should NOT look like that - just a test so i know where I'm going, i will use more watercolor textured things from now on, gets boring when everything is flat colors and its not illustrator but hand drawn stuff. I

peace out,

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