Monday, 9 June 2008


Yes, I actually cant wait to finish college now!!

Anyway, I have been struggling with the Spa scene for a while, re -drawn the environment about 6-10 times and tried to give it depth by adding plants in the foreground- which just looked mad - and the monsters in there didn't fit together so I made two new ones and then i changed the action of the scene and tried different kind of animation etc etc. Today I am ready to give up, I just want to hand something in on friday and then I will improve this and add other work and make I show reel when college is done.

different characters in the spa

and decided to go for these two characters and changed his hair to brown,

making fonts for my "film",

Now after effects crashed. Fun, Gat to go.

The teachers has said that they will read our blogs and that that will help them to mark us, I don't believe that they will read our blogs, I just can't see them having the time. Maybe they scroll through and see how much we gat on here, anyway. I was not chosen for the second exhibition but I don't have a film so that fair enough, the fact that industry people asked for me last year is good enough for me :)

A shame our course missed out on Computer Arts graduate issue- they are showing showreels from people they consider the best graduated this year- Jessica Do, Adam and jessica S should have sent their stuff in and they would have been mentioned, but we missed out on that.

My film is rendered. Could still do some small changes but I really just want to add sound and render it out so I know that I have a version for friday - then I can do more after that, still have to finish the cafe idea and Superintendent Claude. Right now I am adding and editing sound to a ruff version while i tried o fix mistakes and improve the film on another computer to see if i can render and stick in changes in time - if not, then atleast i gat a ruff version to hand in.

Editing and adding sound effects, had to look for a long time for a sound that would fit the animated star. New ideas on how to improve this piece appears all the time but I will do that later. I think the green snail in the spa pool should be there alone floating on a bath-ring ( or what they are called in english? ). Would be more fun I think. My housemates loves the octopuss but I hate him, to simple and random, no fun. The postcard is some problems, was going to do it in maya from the start but my version of maya is a little cunt so I ended up doing it in After effects instead so sometimes it flickers- need to fix that.
Still confused about the rendering cos last year when I, Jessica Do and Aminata sat down together and followed Sean's out put instructions we where the ones who had handed in films with wrong settings so this year I am sticking to DV PAl and is trying to change and render it out widescreen afterwards. When it comes to the soundeffects they are all from - briliant site- I don't know this new version Premier Pro very well so I cant figure out how to edit the sound that good but as an old musician I know how to cut soundwaves, change their volume and put on delay and so on - but it would be cool if the sounds could grow higher and bigger the closer we came to the object that make them but i dont know if premier is that good for sound editing? Will ask some friends later. Like the sound in the office in the begging- would like the schoolyard sound to only come on the right spaker so that we'd imagine the schoolyard is somewhere on the right..but I don't know how to do that in premier- maybe i have to edit the sound in Logic or Cubase first and then import it?

Today its friday and I am going to hand in my little film and my folders. I should be happy today, a part of me is, its been a long time but another part is disappointed and sad and can't help thinking about what I could have done if the teachers would have let me go term 2 instead of in the end of term three. I have payed a lot of money and time to be here - I should have been more stubborn term 2 - or maybe I should have taken the Westminister offer cos they would have let me do my own films and I wouldn't have to give up what I want to do for some group work and for being in a class and year where everyone wants to do 3D - and I don't. I don't give a shit about that the industry wants 3D work- I don't enjoy it and I don't find it creative but technical. I like Ravensbourne but did not fit in there - I don't want to work with Maya and I thought everyone wouldn't have to cos thats what I was told every time I had doubts about the course and was thinking about changing. Anyway, it doesn't matter if I am angry, sad, disappointed or happy. I can't change anything now, its to late and I can't do another degree so this is it. I'm not going to think more about it cos there is nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is shape this monster Spa short up and sit down and do more shorts! :)

Thats it! Four years at Ravensbourne and now I am done!!

peace n luv,

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