Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Life after college - week 1

Today its Wednesday on my first week off college and I have decided to rest from Monsters Spa for a week. I am happy about that I did it in the amount of time that I had cos it was not just animating ( as I am veyr bad at doing) it was developing environments and most of the characters. I am not happy with the end result though- the Spa section still looks shit and the massage scene as well so I will rip it up and change it, probably have a Monster with a face mask and hair rolls looking in to the spa room and animate Ruth better. The flickering of the text at a section in the end has to be sorted as well and some other details. But right now I need a short break from it and is planning my showreel instead. Jared is right. I should show that I can build stuff in 3D, cos I can, I am not brilliant but thats a choice that I made, 3D doesn't interest me, drawing and art work does. What changed my mind was two things, 1) i know that Jared is right and working with 3D is definitely better then working at Tesco, 2) I saw Kung Fu panda and screamed loud! Dreamworks has after years of shit films pulled off something that is, together with Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, the best CGI film I have ever seen! No desperate jokes, really cool character designs and the animation is brilliant and the environments and the story as well. It made me want to build an environment in 3D again. I have five already- but I have developed a lot and don't want to have them in my showreel.

My old fish designs from 2006

While taking a rest from Monsters Spa I finally know what to do with my fish designs that I wanted to animate for my showreel last year but never really knew what to do with, now I know. I think I might change them do,either I go for my cartoonish fish or I go for fish that actually exists and turn them cartoonish. I think I am going for the second option.

I want to create a coral reef but in 2D, with the help of the 3D space in after effects, depth of field, shadows and caustics I want to follow some of my fish fora couple of seconds. As always I like my work to be colorful but I have learned from most 2d films now that props don't have black outlines. The water is missing and seashells and details but I like what I see so far.

I choose to do a reef and salt water fish cos they are more color ful and crazy then other fish,

I wish I could draw fish like this..

I worked a bit on Superintendent Claude and the mad painter and I kind of knew it already- Claude's police car is to long and narrow while claude and his dog are so short and squarish...i do love that car..but if they are going to be in it then the car has to change..buhuuu buuuu..

Now I am going to make coffe and learn more about how to use the camera in After Effects,

peace n luv

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